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The Benefits Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

You would like to think all employers are ethical and treat employees fairly.

However, this isn’t always true, since employers know prospective employees don’t always read the fine print of an employment contract. There’s never any harm in hiring employment lawyers in Southern CA to review an employment contract before you sign it. It’s better to be safe than sorry in those situations. And if you’ve come across a discrimination situation in the workplace, a Southern CA lawyer can fight for you if you decide to sue them. Here are a few of the many benefits of hiring an employment lawyer.

Negotiating Settlements on Your Behalf
Depending on the breakup between you and your employer, it may be best to have a Southern CA law firm handle your case. There are typically a lot of emotions from employees or ex-employees, so employment lawyers in Southern CA can look at the situation from a factual standpoint. When employees let their emotions get in the way of a settlement negotiation, they can easily say or do something that will damage their case and reduce the settlement amount.

File Discrimination Claims
When you believe you may have a situation of discrimination, contacting a Southern CA lawyer right away is highly recommended. You generally have 180 days to file the discrimination complaint. While you can do this yourself, an employment lawyer can assist you in ensuring all the pertinent allegations and details are filled out correctly. One minor misstep could be detrimental to your case, so having an employment lawyer assisting you will prevent any missteps.

Analyze Your Employment Contract Before Signing
Before you even sign an employment contract, feel free to bring in the contract to a Southern CA law firm to review it. There may be hidden non-compete clauses or other agreements you are signing off on and don’t even know it. It’s always better to identify these things before you sign it rather than finding them later and trying to fight it.


Evaluate All Options in Any Employment Scenario
Whether it’s a new employment contract, renegotiating a contract, filing a complaint or fighting an unwarranted firing, employment lawyers in Southern CA can help get you what you’re owed. Some people may think they have a solid case to file a lawsuit, but in reality they may not. On the other hand, people will brush aside any discrepancies with their employer, when they actually have a solid case if they would pursue a lawsuit. The bottom line is you may not know where your situation stands unless you talk to an employment lawyer.

Sofonio & Associates is here to ensure workers get what they are rightly owed. We’ve seen employers try everything in the book to take advantage of their employees. If you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of, we want to fight for your rights. Be sure to contact us today to set up a free consultation and let us show you how we will go to battle on your behalf.

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